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Bus Routes

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School bus routes will be posted on the

Carroll County Public Schools website in August at  

Please remember that all times are approximate.

Please allow plus or minus 10 minutes for pick-up and drop-off times for the first week of school.



The school office receives many requests to issue bus passes because a student wishes to ride a different bus from his or her assigned bus or to get off at a different stop. The Transportation Office of Carroll County Public Schools does not allow a student to do this except in cases of "an emergency, extenuating circumstances, medical necessity or to a regular (daily) work location.

A student may not ride a different bus or get off at a different stop to go to a friend's house to work on a project or because he or she needs a ride to an after school activity. Students are not permitted to use alternate busses or bus stops to travel to a student service location or to a job. They may not ride different busses because parent's work schedules might change for a day unless this situation arises as an emergency during that particular day. If a parent's work schedule changes for a day, or a student needs a ride to some type of after school activity, the student and his/her parents must make other arrangements for transportation either the night before or that morning. North Carroll Middle School will not be able to issue bus passes for these reasons.

If a student needs a bus pass because some type of emergency has arisen, he or she must bring a note explaining the situation to the office in the morning before school.  The note must contain the bus number the student will be riding and the address where they will be going, or the parent must call an administrator during the school day at 410-751-3440. In some cases the student will be asked to speak to an administrator directly about the emergency that necessitated the written request for a bus pass.

Students and parents should be sure that they have tried every way possible to arrange the transportation for the emergency before bringing a request for a bus pass to the school office.




Please help us keep our school busses safe and orderly by reviewing the following with your child prior to coming to school.


  1. Arrive at the bus stop five minutes before pick-up time.
  2. Walk safely to the bus stop and wait in a safe manner away from traffic
  3. Respect the right of property owners while walking to or waiting at the bus stop.
  4. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop prior to boarding the bus.
  5. Watch your step and use the handrail when getting on and off the bus.
  6. Board in an orderly manner, without pushing or shoving, at your stop or at school.
  7. Take your seat promptly and remain seated for your ride to and from school.
  8. Sit in the seat facing front; keep your feet, books and other articles out of the aisle.
  9. Keep your hands and head inside the bus.
  10. Speak quiet and respectfully to your bus driver and other students.
  11. Do not damage any part of the bus and report any damage that you see to the driver.
  12. Do not eat, drink, smoke or use vulgar language.
  13. Do not tamper with any of the bus' equipment or controls.
  14. Remain quiet and orderly so the driver is not distracted from the important job of driving
  15. Do not throw any object on the bus or outside the bus.
  16. Listen to the bus driver's instructions.
  17. Wait until the bus has come to a stop before leaving your seat.
  18. Cross ten feet in front of the bus with the warning lights when crossing in front of the bus.
  19. Always look left, right, left to check for traffic before crossing any street, even when crossing in front of the bus with its red warning lights on.



Discipline Procedure

Safety Is You and What You Do. Riding the school bus is a privilege. A student that does not follow the school bus safety rules, endangers himself/herself or others, and does not respect the rights of others may lose his/her riding privilege. In order to maintain a safe and orderly environment on the school bus, it may be necessary to use disciplinary measures on students displaying unacceptable behavior. The disciplinary steps your driver should implement are listed below.

  • First Offense - The bus driver will warn the student that the behavior is inappropriate and that a disciplinary referral will result if the behavior continues.
  • Second Offense - The bus driver will write a disciplinary referral to be distributed to the school administrator. The school administrator will send a warning letter to parents.
  • Third Offense - The school administrator may suspend the student's riding privilege for up to one week.
  • Fourth Offense - The school administrator may suspend the student's bus riding privilege for one week or longer.
  • Fifth Offense - The school administrator may revoke the student's riding privilege.

Fighting and other unsafe actions may cause immediate suspension.


For more information, please visit CCPS Transportation Services.