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About Us

Welcome to the North Carroll Middle School Counselor's Web page! 

Students are welcome to speak with their counselor by appointment.  You can email your counselor or call the school to schedule an appointment. Make sure you check your school counselor's Google Classroom for helpful tips and resources. Invitations are sent to student's email. 

School Counselors:

Mrs. Oxen - 7th Grade (Team 3 and Team 4), and Team 5

Mrs. Valentine- 6th Grade (Team 1 and Team 2), and Team 6

Mrs. Over -Registrar

 Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

          Counselors provide a safe, comfortable and confidential environment in which students can discuss many topics regarding their personal and social problems, career goals as well as academic difficulties. Some topics may include, but are not limited to: peer relationships, stress, time management, goal-setting, academic planning, bullying, family changes or stressors, social skills, organization, career exploration and development of problem solving skills.

Small Group Counseling

Throughout the year groups are created based on needs' surveys, teacher referrals, family referrals, and student requests. These are the following groups that are typical in any given school year:

Social skills                             Grief

Friendships                             Changing families/Divorce     

Peer Mentoring                       Organization/Study Skills


Positive Choices                                                      

Classroom Guidance

          Throughout the year counselors will provide many classroom lessons that are geared specifically to the needs of the students and the school. Some examples of classroom lessons are:


Study Skills

Goal Setting

Learning Styles

Bullying and Harassment

Positive Peer Interactions                     

Career Exploration

Character Development

Team Building                              

Academic Interventions

          Counselors provide many academic interventions such as helping students with time management, assigning students to high school mentors, and creating appropriate schedules designed for the specific needs of students.

Behavioral Interventions

          Counselors collaborate with administration and faculty to facilitate behavioral interventions for students in need of support in the areas of safety, respect, and responsibility.


          Counselors work closely with staff, administration and parents to monitor the progress of students and to ensure that effective interventions are provided. Counselors attend weekly team meetings discussing student concerns related to academics, social/emotional, and school behaviors. Counselors are involved in the transition process with elementary feeder schools. We travel to the elementary schools and meet with the students as well as meet with the elementary counselors to place students appropriately for the 6th grade. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Valentine or Mrs. Oxen via phone or email, at any time, in order to schedule a conference.

New Students

New student visitations and tours can be scheduled over the summer by calling 410-751-3440 or emailing Michelle Over, our registrar, at

Transfer Students

Counselors will also help transition transfer students into the school by providing them with a peer who will take an active role in easing the student into the new school environment. The peer will be on the student’s team, will provide a tour of the school, will escort the student to each of their classes and will ensure that the student feels properly welcomed to North Carroll Middle.


Counselors work closely with students to create class schedules that best match students’ academic abilities and interests. North Carroll Middle develops schedules that address individual student learning needs and skills.

Character Education

"We must remember that intelligence is not enough.  Intelligence plus character, that is the the goal of true education.~ Martin Luther King Jr.

The vision of character education at NCMS:

Our goal is to encourage character and promote unity among students, staff, and the community.