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Grade 8



As students enter the 8th grade, teachers are mindful that they, the teachers, must begin to align their teaching practices with the high schools in order to help students make a smooth transition. With Carroll County’s “College and Career Readiness” expectations and its level of rigor, students need to understand that the 8th grade is highly valuable as the last foundational year and best opportunity to prepare for what lies ahead. Each student has the grading policies, please see their syllabi.



  • Students have the amount of time they were absent to make up their work. This does not include long term assignments.
  • If students are out for an extended amount of time “with medical confirmation,” there may be exceptions based on each teacher’s discretion. Parents may contact the school on the third day of the absence to obtain missed work.
  • It is the responsibility of the STUDENT to gather missed work, not the teacher.
  • If students are removed from class due to behavior, they are responsible for all missed work, which will be due the next day.

Please check Home Access regularly to check if your student has any missing work.


The 8th grade team will be using the Flex Tracker system during our flex period (8:35-9:05am). Students may use flex for the following reasons:

  1. Complete Missing Assignments
  2. Study or Review
  3. Receive help from a Teacher
  4. Organization
  5. Homework


Please feel free to communicate with us in your child’s best interest. You may always call the school and ask that a message be given to teachers for a call-back; however, it may be faster calling during the teacher’s planning; and email is usually most efficient.

If you would like a conference, please notify your child’s teachers. It is important to understand that the 8th grade has higher expectations for its students because this is a transitional year; and therefore, it will be challenging. If you request a conference, it is always more productive to have all your child’s academic teachers present, and this may also include related arts teachers, administrators, and/or guidance counselors.

Conference Dates:




School # 410-751-3440


Team Five

Sara Snyder, Team Leader (Social Studies)

April Baile (RLA)

Marie Hawkins (Science)

Eli Thornton (Math)

Karli Woodburn (Spanish)


Team Six

Sara Snook, Team Leader (Science)

Cathy DeStefano (ELA)

Hannah Kirby (Math)

Jennifer Moran (Social Studies)


Important Websites

Home Access Center (HAC)

This is our online gradebook. Use this link, or the one on the CCPS home page. Create an account using your email and a password. You can view all published grades as teachers enter them. Directions for access can be found on the website.


Discovery Education Website

We use this website to enrich our curricula in all content areas. Each student has an account and is accessed using their username and password from school. Click on the assignments tab at the top to view videos or assignments we have posted.


Weebly- Homework Hotline

This website will have homework assignments, important announcements, and important documents. It does not require a log-in. The 8th grade no longer uses Edmodo.

Phys Ed Website: