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Grade 7


7th grade is an exciting year as students develop emotionally, physically and academically.  We are committed to helping our students navigate these sometimes tricky transitions by setting firm, but realistic expectations and offering supports, both academic and emotional, along the way.

7th graders can expect more rigorous classwork and a higher expectation for personal responsibility.  As we continue to move them closer to the level of responsibility they will need to demonstrate in high school, 7th grade students will be expected to keep track of their daily assignments using an agenda-book or other organizational system, begin to demonstrate time-management skills as they plan for long-term assignments, and advocate for themselves if they need extra help in their classes.

Teachers will incorporate opportunities to work on personal skills into their lessons as students work together in groups, learn to respect and appreciate opinions and ideas other than their own, and learn what it looks like to interact in a respectful manner with their peers and teachers.

Teachers and staff at NCMS are here to help your child develop the skills they need to be successful!  Our goals might be summarized as:

A successful 7th grade student:

  • comes to school each day
  • records homework in the agenda each school day
  • is responsible for his/her work
  • realizes that deadlines are important, so late assignments will lose points
  • uses their time wisely
  • knows when to ask for help
  • comes to class prepared with the essential tools


Please check in the Google Classroom for more information.